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A smile, a dance, some flirtatious banter—and witty heiress Luciana Piccolo was swept off her feet. Literally.

When a mysterious, gorgeous woman whisks her onto the dance floor at her father’s masquerade ball, Lucy is thrilled to break the shackles of her privileged but purposeless life. But when the same woman kidnaps her and whisks her to the hideout of the rebels fighting to topple the regime she’s set to inherit, Lucy isn’t thrilled to be actually shackled as a prisoner. She is forced to accompany her abductor—a laconic, rigid assassin named Taylor—across the war-torn regions of the former United States as Taylor carries out perilous assassinations and leads the growing rebel army.

Relying on each other to stay alive, the antagonistic spark between Lucy and Taylor smolders into an ardent flame. Secrets unravel and the stakes get fatally higher, as the battle between new love and old loyalty may prove more dangerous than the war they’re trying to survive.

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Numbers rule Dr. Mei Sharpe’s life. She has no husband, one friend, two daughters, and three random meetings with the same woman within four weeks. Once is chance, twice is coincidence, but upon the third meeting, even Mei in all her empirical rigidness must admit that perhaps the universe is giving her a nudge. A nudge that lands her directly in the path of Lieutenant Morgan Kelly—an affable, charming detective for the Sheriff Department’s brand-new cold case team working down the hall from Mei’s morgue.


More Golden Retriever than hard-boiled detective, Morgan is determined to pull the asocial widow out of her shell. As the icy scientist warms to her cheerful new friend, an irrepressible chemistry develops, and Mei begins to realize she’s perhaps a different number on the Kinsey scale than previously considered.


As Mei and Morgan struggle with guilt and grief, drama and desires, Mei finds her scientific austerity is no match for the universe and its nudges toward the startling revelation of what her heart really wants.

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Leah Vasquez and Victoria Lockwood should not fall in love.

They’re smart enough to know a star-crossed lovers’ situation never works out. Leah’s a loner from the poor side of town, working two jobs, and aching to leave their sleepy hometown in her rear view forever. Victoria lives in a mansion with her overbearing parents, surrounded by friends and known to none of them, living what others consider a charmed life. When Leah rescues Victoria from a freak rainstorm, they discover an unexpected understanding, and an undeniable spark.

Leah Vasquez and Victoria Lockwood should not fall in love, but they do.

Five years after their scorching summer romance flames out, Victoria returns home to visit her dysfunctional family, fiancé in tow. She’s shocked to find Leah never left town, and more surprisingly, neither did their feelings for each other. Still hurt over how Victoria ended things Leah resists any reconciliation, despite how hotly the embers of their love burn.

Leah Vasquez and Victoria Lockwood definitely should not fall in love…again.

Of course, even if Leah can open her bruised heart to the only girl she ever loved, Victoria must make a life-changing choice: love safely or love bravely.

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